About Us

My artwork is influenced by my mood and my surroundings. Painting is an outlet for me, I use it to express what I feel, I use it to represent how I see and experience life. I am constantly looking to paint something!

My paintings are a reflection of my upbringing.

During the pandemic, I was sheltered at home with my family. That time gave me the opportunity to redefine my priorities. Unlike many, I did not feel closed up. That time was a blessing to be closer to the people that I love and cherish.

I called my relatives here and abroad. We had time to play, to laugh and to be. It was for me a break to appreciate what the busy life had made us overlook… I was lucky, I have been lucky to have these loved ones around me.

Keny Akpa was born in Yamoussoukro, Cote D’Ivoire and moved with her parents and siblings to Abidjan where she did her elementary, middle and high school.

She learned to draw and paint at school. Her talent was revealed to family members when she started reproducing family pictures. For her it was a hobby, no big deal. She started spending more time painting when she moved to the US to stay with her sisters…

When she got married and started raising a family, painting took another turn: she became more passionate, she discovered what she loved to do: a new door just opened. Life is a beautiful adventure and she represents it through her painting.