African standing statue baule tribe female carved-wood

African standing statue baule tribe female carved-wood


Baule statues are usually carved standing on a base with legs slightly bent and their hands resting on their abdomen in a gesture of peace.



African statue from the Baule Tribe in Cote d’Ivoire. This is a typical figure of a female “spirit spouse” called bloho bla.
The statue is standing on a base.
Baule statuette from Cote d’Ivoire illustrates a typical spirit spouse figure called blolo bla.
Normally the artisan Carved the standing female figure with a finely incised coiffure,
arched eyebrows, almond-shaped eyes, and an elongated nose.
The lips are pursed and there are concentric rings around the neck.
The pointed breasts have scarification;
the arms bend and the hands are held flat against each side of the convex navel.
The legs are slightly bent and the flat feet rest on a rectangular base.

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About 19.7/8 inches with base.


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